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Online Worker with oDesk

Recently, I am interesting to look up the oDesk, one of the website for Freelancer, outsource, and independent contractor that provided for online worker and job provider to meet there. In my opinion, it definitely the same with Elance.
oDesk is the marketplace for online workteams, with the best business model for both buyers and providers. Our unique approach guarantees to buyers that an hour billed is an hour worked, while guaranteeing to providers that an hour worked is an hour paid (oDesk Team).

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Certainly, the freelancer is let free to join in. You could find some jobs posted is provided there and choose it based on your skills. The interest part of oDesk is you could improve and upgrade your skills with the many Tests available by oDesk. The more tests you passed, the more skills you got. Each skill will license with certificate. The skill score and it certificate are shows on your account and help you to easy get the job and attract the job provider to hire you.
If you feel enjoy to do online work, just visit the oDesk to learn more..
Happy online workers..

$345 Blog Contest Will Be Closed on 10th July

Wanted Blogger..

Lee the owners of on the 1st anniversary has started the Blog Contest with $345 Cash Prize giveaway that will award to the contest winner. That is simple and easy to join, you only need to write a blog post about this contest, follow Twitter and Tweet the message, subscribe to Newsletter, and leave comment.

The contestant should be fulfil the following requirements :
1) Own a blog.
2) Blog must be indexed by Google.
3) Blog with not less than 10 articles.

The Contest Winner and the Prize awarded
>>> Grand Prizes - 1 Winner Only
1) $50 Cash prize via paypal. Liew from Make Money Online.
2) 3 free hours of blog consulting, they will analyze your current blog and advise and help you improve your blog to reach your goals worth $100. Adam from The 42nd Estate.
>>> 2nd Prizes - 1 Winner Only
1) Ultimate Blogging Theme worth $67. Carl Ocab from Make Money Online.
2) E-book “Quit Being A Wage Slave Using 10 Easy Steps” worth $47. Peter from Work At Home.
>>> 3rd Prizes - 1 Winner Only
1) $17 Cash prize via paypal. Lee from Make Money Online.
2) 1 Domain, 1GB space, 10GB monthly transfer, 25 email. Stretsh from BloggingNotes.
>>> 3 Consolation Prizes - 1 Winner Each
1) SEO Analysis For MainPage $50. Nicolas Prudhon from SEO Help.
2) Solo ads, it’s an email ad. Kelly from Money Making Mommy.
3) 468×60 banner for 1 month. Simon from Home Based Business.
4) Entrecard 1000 point. Lee from Make Money Online.

For more information, visit now, better to hurry.. the contest will be ended on 10th July 2009.

Happy online workers..

WebProsperity - Free Affiliate Member Available Now!

Flash back to the early year of the 2009 on the month of January, the WebProsperity has launched their amazing Internet Marketing Products which presented by Internet Marketing Guru David D'Arcangelo. Their products are Contact, Media, Meeting, Address Book, Finder and Calendar that was highly improved for the Internet Marketing Business.

The WebProsperity offers the real value and provides with 6 powerful, integrated marketing tools that will get you and your customers selling like the billion-dollar companies with no learning curve and no investment in expensive software, hardware or equipment.

They delivers the following neccesary factors for Internet Business Success i.e.;
- The Products are world class, performance proven and in demand.
- The Pricing is 80% less than comparable feature packages.
- The Freedom Compensation Plan is the most aggressive you will find anywhere.

Surely, you were backed by an industry leader and pioneer in Internet Marketing software, world-class entrepreneurs with amazing track records, and the best support team to get on to real financial freedom.

Anyone can do success with this incredible products and you have known that the secret to rapidly accumulating real wealth comes by building a Winning Team and helping Team Members achieve success together. WebProsperity has created a proven success system, developed by Internet Marketing Guru David D'Arcangelo, that will give you a track to run on. You don't have to be a marketing guru, or an Internet geek to succeed with WebProsperity. Take a look and join WebProsperity to start your own Internet Marketing Business.

The Good News is now you able to join as Free Affiliate member, absolutely Free with no cost applied. You will get personal web page as mine, landing page, login on to member area, and get free accesses to 2 of their great products Address Book and Calendar.

When you are in purpose to join free affiliate member the only way to do is you should go to the sponsor page/referal link, here is my referal link Why you should join with my link? Because the system was approved and designed to sign up form the referal link only. Then click sign up, fill you personal data like name, login, email, password, and click at Create Account. The login data will be your personal page and login name. After accepting and submitting your personal page name you will direct to another page to choose your preferred account, Elite Builder or Premium Builder. Just ignore it, go to the login bar at the top right corner and login with your login name and password. Customise your personal page, start to promote and make money.

It is recommended to join the Elite Builder that will cost you $59.95 monthly and Premium Builder for $29.95 monthly to unlock all of the products and earns more money.

Join now when it available free and will be waiting for you there.

Happy Online Workers..

Predict The News and Make Money

Are you interesting to the world news? Don’t just read it; right now you can predict the news outcome and compare with the actual outcome afterward.

You may take a look to Predictify Site, which is a prediction platform that adds an interactive, forward-looking dimension to the news. The Predictify is offers various news to predict such as Current Event, Business, Sport, Pop Culture, Sport, and Other. You can read a news story, make prediction on the topic, and have a discussion with other users all in one visit. Unlike a poll, they score every prediction against the actual outcome, so you can build reputation over time based on the accuracy of your predictions. It's like fantasy sports for everything else.

The Participants are ranked based on their accuracy across all of the questions in a series. First, each question is scored individually. Then each participant's scores are combined to determine series performance, which is displayed on a leader board on each series page.

You can also submit your questions to predict by participants. Their unique system aggregates the predictions of real people and provides easy-to-use graphical tools to analyze the results.
The more interesting part of Predictify is you can make money with your news prediction. Each of the correct prediction will earn you money after processing by the Predictify. And you can send the people to join with their referral program. When your referral makes payout then, you will get a bonus of 10% of total payout made.

By the way, it is free to join and there is no cost to use as well. You could start right now to prove if you are a great predictor or not :).
Happy online workers..